Freshly dyed silk blowing in the breeze.

The design process

Each project contains within it a unique design process. Textiles by nature is a process-oriented medium with seemingly endless techniques and applications associated with it. Each unique piece is created utilizing various methods including but not limited to hand dye techniques, screen printing,  sewing and digital repeat pattern design. 


About Jen Stone

Jen Stone is a textile artist and pattern designer based in Vallejo CA. She draws from a broad range of techniques and influences based on her studies in dance, textiles and visual and graphic arts . Her creative passion is directed towards the creation of beautiful interior spaces for events and residences, repeat pattern design for wallpaper and fabric by the yard, and unique fashion and home accessories. Jen is interested in the application of textiles, pattern, and color to elevate personal style and interior space . Her belief in slow fashion and hand crafted products is visible in the quality and individuality of each unique piece she makes. Her passion for traveling and appreciation of unique cultures and their traditional art-forms continually informs her process.