Pattern Design, La Palma Jardin Collection

Developing a pattern collection is one of my favorite things to do. Considering current trends in combination with what I am being inspired by at that moment, I begin to gather images and material inspiration. Once I had several categories or themes I wanted to work with for La Palma Jardin, I began creating prints using various method: drawing, painting with ink and watercolor, printing with screen printing ink and objects and torn paper, and various resist dye techniques. Next I began to carefully consider my color palette I drew color inspiration from various sources and was generally inspired by Southern California and the Southwest as well as gardens in Marrakech. Next I began color mixing, first with watercolors and then with acrylic. Color mixing is fun and can be time consuming. Once I felt I had the right color set, I translated that into digital color space using my own color sense and some super adobe mobile software. Iā€™m excited to see where this collection goes! Stay tuned or join my email list for updates on the launch.