Framed Prints

Recently I experimented with stretching my original prints over geometric shaped frames. Strangely I had never stretched a canvas before, which is odd because I used to paint quite a bit. I purchased a stretcher bar and a pneumatic staple gun, which by the way is incredibly handy and I highly recommend one if you have a large amount of staple-gunning to do. It saves loads of time and effort. I was please with how my stretched print looked in the end especially when grouped together in different arrangements. This exercise lead me to a new project I am currently working on. It’s brining together two of my favorite realms; art and interior décor. Stay tuned for updates on that or better yet join my mailing list.

Eclipse Festival Pagoda Stage Project 2017

This summer took an unexpected turn when I was offered the opportunity to collaborate on a stage design project for the Eclipse Festival in Oregon in August. The project allowed me to draw from my previous training in and passion for interior design as well as provided the opportunity to create unique textile patterns utilizing hand dye techniques. The most challenging aspect of the project was designing and producing the canvas roof because of the shear size of it. Fortunately I had help from an expert yurt builder who had all the necessary equipment and space needed to get the job done. The rest of the process I was able to complete in my own back yard where I spend most of the summer cutting, rinsing and dyeing. The pace of the project was intense and the conditions on-site were less than ideal, but it turned out beautifully in the end. Click right to see project photo gallery!

Silk Painting

I'm super excited to finally be back in the studio after a long hiatus. After graduating I became completely occupied with a new job and relocating to a new town. I am now settling in to a  groove and am determined to make that include my art practice. Given I no longer have a huge studio to do whatever I want in, I have started painting individual silk wall hangings. I am also going to start painting individual scarves! It is proving to be really fun and I am excited about the results. More to come...